Expert support to help you develop digital products and services
Fusebox is a service from CAST. It provides easy access to the right support at the right time, helping social organisations to follow best practice in creating high quality, user-led digital services. Developed through providing over 7000 hours of support to hundreds of charities, Fusebox offers online and direct support from CAST's team and network, at critical points in the digital development journey.
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About Fusebox
User-led and test-driven development is at the core of creating effective digital services that address social challenges. Fusebox provides trusted expert support to social organisations creating digital products and services to help them achieve their charitable ambitions. Fusebox has been developed through providing over 7000 hours of support to hundreds of charities in creating highly successful digital services. From large charities with established digital teams, through to small charities exploring digital for the first time, Fusebox offers personalised support from light-touch mentoring through to intensive product development.

Fusebox tracks your progress through key stages of development, providing access to resources as well as coaching and mentoring from experts in CAST and our network. Fusebox offers:

  • direct & personalised support aligned with your pace of work
  • in-person and online coaching and mentoring
  • insight capture to help tell your story to funders & stakeholders
  • in-depth support and resources, or light touch assistance
  • developed through working with hundreds of charity teams

Why 'Fusebox'? Because a fuse box is the thing you ignite to set off a huge firework display of excitement. A fusebox is also a thing that means you can use incredible power (of electricity) safely inside your home. It's also the best we can do in 'boxing-up' all that we've learnt from the Fuse.

Fusebox is a service from CAST (charity number 1161998)

Proud to be built using the #BetterDigitalServices Design Principles